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Collaborative Librarianship in India
Vrushali Sainath Dandawate

Last modified: 2016-03-09


“ No one can survive alone in this world” everyone want to be in group for personal social and cultural needs, from long time human beings are learning and developing themselves from each other activities and help, the same rule is applicable to Library and information centers as well as librarians. With the same need of collaboration and cooperation is started in Libraries. If various Libraries, archives come together they can support and enhance lifelong learning opportunities, preserve community heritage, and protect and provide access to information. When we think about Collaborative Librarianship it includes various programs cooperative purchasing and sharing the library resources, collaborative librarianship also includes faculty and staff networking programs, information literacy programs and librarians network. As per OCLC “Almost a decade into the 21st century, we can see that increasing technological and social changes impact how all individuals and groups cooperate. Coming from a long tradition of sharing, libraries may be better-suited than other industries to benefit from increased cooperative opportunities.” In India various library collaboration projects like UGC (University Grants Commission)/INFLIBNET (Information & Library Network) Consortium , DELNET, info-librarians, INDEST- AICTE (Indian Digital Library in Engineering Science & Technology)   , Young Librarians associations, FORSA (Forum for Resource Sharing in Astronomy)  are running successfully, various publishers are tying up cooperation policies with technical institute and government where the cost of E-resources  has been reduced, Various association are working for professional development for librarians in India and Institutional membership schemes are getting popular day by day, But still there some gaps in system as it is developing country and library budgets are shrinking so a strong collaboration policy required for Indian Libraries. This paper will try to focus on the current status of Library collaboration in India.


Key Words – Library collaboration, Collaborative librarianship India