Open Conference Systems at Dalhousie, International Association of University Libraries, 2016 Conference

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A library and telematics tandem - About an inspiring partnership for introducing new library services
Janett Mohnke, Frank Seeliger

Last modified: 2016-03-20


Practice-oriented teaching and research at a University of Applied Sciences are in close proximity to the industry and give incentive for the region. So why shouldn’t an institution within, like the university library, also benefit from this concept? Not only a few of more than 200 libraries at Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany work in cooperation with partners in majors, faculties and research teams to work on implementing unique ideas such as 24/7 libraries, chip card systems etc. 

At the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau, such a successful cooperation exists between the library and the major of telematics, specifically the iCampus Wildau project.

The paper is supposed to exemplify the possibilities and thus far successfully realised projects for the library and its users.