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General Papers

From Coast to Coast: Canadian Collaboration in a Changing RDM Seascape
Cristina Sewerin, Eugene Barsky, Dylanne Dearborn, Angela Henshilwood, Christina Hwang, Kathy Szigeti, Marjorie Mitchell, Michelle Spence, Tatiana Zaraiskaya, Sandra Keys
Data management planning: Informing research data management in academic libraries today and the skills needed for future librarians
Tess Grynoch, Michael Smit, Sarah E. Stevenson
Leading together: Queen’s University Library and Research Services facilitating scholarly publishing and research impact
Sharon Murphy, Karina McInnis, Rosarie Coughlan
Jenny Ellis, Teresa Chitty
The library workforce: What deans/directors need to know? Paper
Vicki Williamson
Taking Library Liaison Faculty Teams from Good to Great!
Kim Lewin
Cooking Stone Soup: “Porous” Workforce Training at the Czech National Library of Technology as a Supplement to (Impermeable) University Education
Stephanie Krueger, Alena Chodounská
Developing a 'beta mindset': building a change-ready workforce and culture
Jennifer Peasley
Charting our Course through Reframing – Library Leadership in a Sea of Change
Bruce Fyfe, Catherine Steeves, Nicole Nolan
Managing an agile library organization
Daniel Forsman
Assessment as Learning Project: Online Surveys with Immediate Formative Feedback
Yayo Umetsubo
Student and Faculty Achievement Programs; Enriching the Library Experience
Bryan James Irwin
Forming the Canadian Linked Data Initiative
Caitlin Tillman, Joseph Hafner, Sharon Farnel
Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in Research Data Management
Martha Whitehead
After the Ribbon-cutting: Guerrilla-style Assessment of Two Brand New Learning Commons
Linda Bedwell, Donna Bourne-Tyson
Collaborative Librarianship in India
Vrushali Sainath Dandawate
Research Funding, Patent Search Training and Technology Transfer: a collaboration
Janis Tyhurst
Changing Organisational Capacity and Building Staff Capability
Gillian Barthorpe, Eamon Wright
Giving Leadership Away
Gerald Beasley
Communicating Science at a Research Laboratory: Policy, Tools and Services
Dee Magnoni
Students' perception of informal learning spaces in an academic library; an investigation into the relationship between learning behaviours and space design
Susan Beatty
Top Universities, Top Libraries: do research services in academic libraries contribute to university output?
Viviana Fernández-Marcial, Luis Miguel Costa, Llarina González-Solar
IATUL Special Interest Group Information Literacy (Report)
Caroline Leiss
Leading from the Side: The Role of Middle and Project Managers in Leadership Development
Kerry Creelman
Capitalizing on new opportunities to advance research support services
Shirley Chiu-wing Wong
Kathleen OConnell
How digitally literate are we? Engaging university staff in priorities for digital literacies.
Fiona Salisbury
Visibility and impact of research: Bibliometric services for university management and academic staff
Caroline Leiss, Kathleen Gregory
Library & Experiential Learning: Taking Collaboration to the Next Level
Yuyun Wirawati Ishak
Gaining the Benefits of Scholarly Social Networks.
peter webster
University Libraries Leading the Way Through Choppy Waters: The library's role in student retention
Silas Marques Oliveira
The library workforce: What deans/directors need to know?
Vicki Williamson
Collaborating to navigate the sea of change in science and health science librarianship
Heather Cunningham, Patricia Ayala, Erica Lenton, Vincci Lui
A library and telematics tandem - About an inspiring partnership for introducing new library services
Janett Mohnke, Frank Seeliger
Listening & learning from our users: exploring uncharted waters in library space redesign
Vincci Lui, Heather Cunningham
Accessibility and Libraries in the Internet Era: Space, E- Collections, and the Web
Channarong Intahchomphoo, Margo Jeske
Shared Print Monographs: Analysis and Action
Rick Lugg

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